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Objective Epistemology, Veiled Neutrality, and Surface Level Treatments of Race and Gender
No one seriously disputes that the effects of the criminal justice are racially biased. However, some law professors attribute that bias to a background of deep social inequality while others dismiss this social background as playing an insignificant role. There was inequality. Then there was not. More or less, the problems that exist in poor communities of color are problems of their own making.
If you feel uncomfortable with the use of the “Socratic method” in the classroom, you are not alone. Aside from the fact that the use of the “Socratic method” does not accurately represent its practice in Plato’s dialogues, the method has no methodologically proven effectiveness in terms of learning outcomes.
Law is what a society makes it; it serves a social function. If this is true then an important question to ask yourself, is “Whom does it serve?” Remember this question. Throughout your 1L experience, you will encounter many professors who are well meaning but fail to teach the law in its sociohistorical context. They do not teach the law; they teach one particular model of it.